AlarmPoint Systems is now xMatters, Inc.

May 31, 2010- For years, we’ve known an important secret about AlarmPoint.  We didn’t set out to build products that paged, alerted, alarmed or managed you.  Our goal was to enable you, your customers and your colleagues.  That was the real “point” of AlarmPoint – to make our clients more effective, more efficient, more able, more capable, more valued and more relevant.

We changed the name to reflect our focus on what matters to you, and what matters to your customers.  Because knowing what matters to your customers is difficult, we have been busily working on growing our products from alert management applications into engines that help you deliver what matters to your customers.

We’re sure you have a few questions so we thought we’d take this opportunity to answer as many of them as we can:

Did you get bought?
No.  We are the same company under the same ownership.  We’re moving faster, we’re growing faster, and we’re excited to be working with you to meet your customers’ needs.  We’ve grown at a rate of 80% over three years and have over 900 clients – we’re going to be around for a long time!

Did you need to rebrand?  Did you mess something up?  What really happened?
No.  We really struggled with this decision.  We are still AlarmPoint at heart, but it seemed like we weren’t reflecting our true focus on your success.  We win if you win, we lose if you lose.  So what matters to us is what matters to you and your customer.  xMatters fits us better.

Will AlarmPoint go away?
No.  AlarmPoint was our first relevance engine and it’s here to stay.  We have hundreds of businesses relying on it day in and day out.  We are continuing to invest in its core capabilities of mass personalization, which helps you deliver what matters, when it matters.

AlarmPoint will always be our proud heritage, but from today forward, our focus is what matters to your customers, right now.

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