We’re with our companies all the way

We help founders and management teams navigate growth, sidestep roadblocks, and build lasting value.


Over 30 years and 180 software investments, we’ve learned a lot about growth—from both our successes and our missteps. We know growth looks different for every company. Our approach to value creation reflects this reality.


Strategic Alignment

Collaboration matters to us. We work closely with management teams to define success and create a sustainable road map for growth. Growth is not always predictable or linear, so we course-correct and refine strategies as necessary. With the strategic road map as the backdrop, we help build teams, advise on resource allocation, and pursue M&A opportunities.

We work with management teams on key operational areas to help scale companies quickly and avoid pitfalls.


Defining target markets

Territory planning

Lead generation

Pipeline velocity and conversion

Account planning

Account-based marketing

Net promoter scores and customer health scores

Customer segmentation

Customer retention

Maintaining high performance culture

Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining top talent

Personal development programs

Employee engagement

Performance management

Rewards and recognition programs

Compensation plans

Validating a product roadmap

Cloud infrastructure

Pricing strategy

Agile and scrum methodology

Scaling a product and technology organization

Outsourced development

Transition to the cloud

Enterprise class architecture and certifications

Alignment on corporate goals

Operational and financial benchmarking

Business processes

Systems implementations and integrations

Knowledge sharing is a cornerstone of JMI’s approach. One of our greatest company-building assets is our extensive network of portfolio company executives and industry professionals. Several times a year, JMI hosts functional-specific events to facilitate peer-to-peer sharing of best practices. These immersive, multi-day, hands-on learning sessions focus on actionable discussions. We also host webinars on specific topics and facilitate one-on-one discussions among management teams facing similar challenges.


: Product and Technology Roundtable
  • Building and Executing Against a Product Roadmap
  • Agile Development
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Scaling a Product & Technology Organization
  • Performance Measurement and ROI of R&D spend
: Sales and Marketing Roundtable
  • Driving Alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • Building a Powerful Lead Generation Engine
  • Understanding the Buyer’s Journey
  • Value Selling: Getting Away from the Feature Discussion
: CFO and Strategy Roundtable
  • Value Drivers for Software Companies
  • Exit Planning and IPO Readiness
  • Best Practice Board Reporting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Compensation Strategy
: Customer Success Roundtable
  • Driving a Culture of Customer Success
  • Sales to Professional Services Handoff
  • Net Promoter Score and Customer Health
  • Communicating Bugs Effectively to Product
  • Event-Based Customer Satisfaction
: Human Resources Roundtable
  • Creating a High Performance Culture
  • Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent
  • Training, On-Boarding, and Development Programs
  • Performance Management
  • Self-Directed PTO
: CEO Summit
  • Leadership / Managing Growth
  • Hiring, Developing, and Retaining Top Talent
  • Building an Effective Customer Success Organization
  • Maintaining a High Performance Culture
  • Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
  • Preparing for a Successful Exit

For more information about JMI Events, please contact: Samantha Mosketti