We’re making a commitment to better.

JMI’s ESG practices enrich our companies and culture, and enhance our community contribution.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

We’re committed to investing responsibly in companies.
We advance this by integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) conventions into our diligence and value creation practices, as well as in the way we run our firm. We are committed to continued progress toward our ESG goals.

This is how we do it

STRENGTHEN Our Companies

JMI works with its companies to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Our ESG approach is built on three foundations:

AWARENESS / Maintain a deep understanding of the software landscape, the market forces, and the specific considerations for our companies.

DILIGENCE / Build deep understanding of and durable relationships with companies and management teams to operate with aligned objectives. Monitor and report on ESG metrics relevant to our companies.

PURPOSEFUL ACTION / Guide our companies to appropriately manage ESG risks and opportunities across their business.

ADVANCE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

JMI is committed to both internal and external initiatives to expand a culture of inclusivity and teamwork. We’re committed to building a team diversified across many characteristics and perspectives to enhance creative problem solving and decision making. We’re holding ourselves accountable for progress through the initiatives and monitoring by our DE&I Council, led by 2 General Partners and our Head of Talent.

Today, our JMI team is 50%+ diverse overall. We are focused on continuing to build a pipeline of candidates through our strategic partnerships and mandating a diverse slate of candidates in our Talent process.

We advocate these values and practices with our companies. Today, ~40% of our company boards have female representation. Our work to create and sustain a representative, inclusive, and equitable environment is never finished. We’re always interested in meeting talented professionals who share our values and growth-focused mentality.

COLLABORATE to Shape a Sustainable Future

We continue to proactively incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance measures that reflect our company values and support sustainable businesses so all stakeholders benefit from growth. This includes:

  • Internal measures to improve workplace culture with unconscious bias and harassment training and commitment to building diverse teams,
  • Using and sharing data to track progress and continuously improve, and
  • Serving our local communities
  • Supporting environmentally sustainable practices like reducing our carbon footprint.